Smoking in Public Places Prohibited in Turkey


On Friday the Turkish Parliament adopted a Law on complete prohibition of smoking in public places. The “revolution” (as it is called by the local mass media) project prohibits smoking in entertainment places, including cafes and restaurants, stadiums and all types of transport. Besides, there shall be no advertisement of tobacco goods. It shall not be shown in films, serials and music videos.

Violation of this law shall be fined with 4.3 thousand dollars. You shall nave to pay 18 dollars for a cigarette stub or a cigarette pack thrown in the street.

Since 1997 Turkey has prohibited smoking in offices with more than four employees, sport clubs, medical, educational and cultural institutions and planes.

Turkish lawmakers were urged to design a new law by the sad statistics. Approximately 160 thousand people annually die of diseases caused by smoking in the country with the population of 65 million people. According to the official statistics, approximately 40% of the Turks above 15 are smoking. Turkey daily consumes approximately 17 million cigarette packs.

The draft law shall be handed to the President and shall come into force after its approval since the moment of its publication in the Government “Official Newspaper”.

Turkey is not the only state that has introduced the law that restricts smoking in public places. The smoking restrictions in Europe are already active in almost all the most popular countries and the whole European society seems to support this idea more or less. Actually, even a part of the smokers has the opinion that smoking in public places would bring much more pleasure even for them while having a rest in a bar or a club, without enjoying the exhausted smoke of the other people.



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